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Guest Blog Posts

Spotlight Tee O'Fallon
Harlequin Junkie, February 12, 2017
"The biggest challenge for me was to create a story and main characters that would live up to reader expectations after Book 1 of this series, Burnout, and to create characters that readers would connect with and want to root for as much as they did for those in Book 1."
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Behind the Book: Blood Money by Tee O'Fallon
Entangled in Romance, January 26, 2017
"Making every novel in a series substantially different from the others takes imagination and extra effort, but it's well worth it. I mean, who doesn't get bored reading a series in which the heroes and heroines are all pretty much cut from the same cookie cutter?"
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How My Job Influences My Novels
Fresh Fiction, January 25, 2017
"Even with these limitations, I've seen and done so many interesting and crazy things on the job I'll never want for topics or characters to write about."
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Tee O'Fallon finds story inspiration in her job as a federal agent
USA Today Happily Ever After, January 23, 2017
"As a federal agent, I work with the men and women of law enforcement every day. I don't write about any actual cases, but having personal experience conducting criminal investigations helps me mingle the realities of the job with my own creativity."
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How Real are TV Cop and Fed Shows?
Just Romantic Suspense, January 22, 2017
"As a federal agent, this is one of the most common questions I get asked by friends and readers."
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Holiday Recipes: Homemade Holiday Irish Cream With Tee O'Fallon
Entangled's Holiday Steals & Deals, December 9, 2016
"With a name like Tee O'Fallon, you know I had to submit a recipe with Irish roots! So here's the holiday history of how I obtained this little gem."
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My All Time Favorite Sexiest Movie and TV Law Enforcers
Just Romantic Suspense, June 18, 2016
"There are so many handsome and sexy actors who've brought our fantasies to life on screen, but every woman has her faves. Not sure what makes our tastes so different. I can only explain what does it for me. So in no particular order, here goes."
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My Inspiration For Burnout, NYPD Blue & Gold Series, Book 1
Fresh Fiction, June 14, 2016
"I've been a federal agent for over two decades, so the suspense part of the story flowed naturally from my brain to my fingers, and from there, to my keyboard. That, and I've always enjoyed the underlying crime that has to be solved in a suspense novel. That aspect of a story inevitably throws the hero and heroine together under extreme circumstances, something that always leads to emotions and passions running high. Perfect fodder for a romantic suspense."
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How I Bucked Family Tradition and Became a Federal Agent and a Romance Writer
Ever After Romance, June 12, 2016
"I am the black sheep in a family of severely intelligent overachievers. My mother, father, and brother have collectively amongst them three bachelors degrees, three masters degrees (two in geophysics, one in mechanical engineering), one PhD in geophysics, and one MD. And then there's me. The fed."
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