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Tee O'Fallon Tee O'Fallon

The NYPD Blue & Gold Series

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Blood Money



Book 3

NYPD Detective Dom Carew can't forget the violent way his lover was killed fifteen years ago. The pain and trauma her death inflicted on his soul still haunt him, and since then he's never let a woman under his skin. Until one incredible, hot and steamy night with stunning and sassy Daisy Fowler.

Sexy, gorgeous, and hunky didn't begin to describe Dom Carew, but Daisy's been burned by Dom before. A year ago, he bolted from her bed in the middle of the night without so much as a gee you were great in the sack, babe. Never laying eyes on his handsome face again is the plan. If only their paths didn't keep crossing. If only she didn't still find him irresistible as sin.

Seeing Daisy again sets Dom's blood on fire like no other woman can, but he's about to embark on the most dangerous undercover op of his life—infiltrate the Pyramid, an international organization of assassins. Love has no place in his heart or his world, but when the dangers of his job threaten Daisy, he'll destroy anyone in his path to protect her.

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"I loved this book, I fell in love with Dom right from page one!"
   —Heather A., Goodreads

"Holy smokes what a good hot romance!"
   —Lori B., Goodreads

"Hi, my name is Jen and I'm a hot-guy-romantic-suspense addict. I would definitely recommend the series for those who haven't read it previously, because Tee's law enforcement background brings a realism that a lot of other books don't have."
   —I Need To Read

"An action packed romantic suspense that is part if a series, but easily read as a stand alone. Lots of danger and emotion. A story that pulls you in from the first page. I thoroughly enjoyed every page!"
   —Petula W., Goodreads

"Disavowed is a great romantic suspense story, and if you like hella-hot guys in and out of uniform, you will enjoy this story."
   —Victoria B., NetGalley

"I loved this book, with intriguing characters, that are well described and have a chemistry that scorches off the pages!"
   —Charly M., NetGalley

"It's romantic suspense at its finest, a sexy, edge-of-your-seat series of books that keep you guessing, swooning, angering and falling in love."
   —Beth C., Goodreads

"OMGoodness!!! I absolutely loved this book! Don had me hooked from the beginning & I loved Daisy. Their chemistry would melt the pages!"
   —Shannon G., NetGalley

"I love reading her books... You will not be disappointed."

"Tee O'Fallon has ended the NYPD series on a high note!... This book is filled with love, sadness, tears and a whole lot of angst."
   —Romance Readers Retreats

"Really enjoyed this romantic suspense from Tee O'Fallon, and would recommend!"
   —Veronica, 4 stars

Blood Money

Blood Money

Book 2

NYPD Detective Gray Yates has major trust issues. Protecting a serenely beautiful woman hiding enough secrets to take down an entire city wasn't something he bargained for. She's a loving single mother, hot as hell, and protecting her will test every ounce of his resolve.

Alex Romano is being blackmailed by the Pyramid—an elusive international organization of assassins every cop in the world is after. When Alex tries severing ties with them they refuse to let her go. The darkly dangerous detective she's irresistibly drawn to is her only hope of staying out of jail. He just might be her savior...or her downfall.

Despite efforts to maintain his professionalism, Gray can't deny the fiery passion Alex ignites in him. In an explosive confrontation, Alex's lies are revealed and Gray is faced with the most important decision of his life: trust the woman he's falling in love with, or arrest her.

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"LOVED IT!! And because nothing about it prompted any negative thoughts out of me, it deserves 5 stars!! I enjoyed the characters, the plot, the suspense, the romance, the EVERYTHING!!"
   —Natalie, 5 stars on Goodreads

"Excellent!! This one had just the right blend of romance, suspense, and mystery. Add in intriguing characters and an excellent storyline to come up with this absolute must read."
   —Bette, 5 stars on Goodreads

"Exciting and fast-paced action and romance. This is only Tee O'Fallon's second published book but I am completely amazed by how well-researched and well-written this book is. Blood Money is exciting and fast-paced, has the perfect balance of romance and suspense, and will definitely keep readers on edge and eager for more after the last word."
   —Catherine, 5 stars on Goodreads

"Another awesome book Tee O Fallon has done it again, and by again I mean she has written another awesome book, book 2 of a NYPD Blue and Gold Series. OMG I love this second book, which is full of drama, edge of your seat suspense, romance and an oh so wonderful/beautiful HEA. I read this book so fast that I did not want it to end, such an awesome awesome read. I will just have to wait on another book by this awesome writer. I highly recommend the series to romantic die hard fans."
   —Donna, 5 stars on Amazon



Book 1

He's been a cop too long not to recognize the signs of a woman running from her past.

She's not who she says she is—and isn't about to share her secrets.

Sexy-as-sin Police Chief Mike Flannery knows the new arrival to Hopewell Springs is trouble. She has a smoking-hot body and a quick wit...and he'll be damned if that's not a turn-on. But this former NYPD cop and small-town heartthrob has been burned before, and there's no way he'll let that happen again.

New York City Detective Cassie Yates is on the run. A six-month undercover sting in a sleazy bar seemed like a textbook arrest—but now there's a hit out on her. Armed with fake ID, her K-9 companion, and a police-issued SUV, she flees to a quiet upstate town where she trades her badge and gun for a spatula, finally finding peace in the dream she tossed aside to follow her family into law enforcement.

There's no denying the fire and ice between them. But as the hired assassin closes in, Mike's past comes roaring back and secrets are revealed in an explosion destined to tear them apart—if not destroy them.

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"In Burnout, passion explodes even in the face of spiraling danger. With a heart-stopping hero, and a strong, intelligent heroine, O'Fallon has crafted a romantic suspense that will keep you gripping the edge of your seat and intrigued until the very last word."
   —Cheyenne McCray, New York Times bestselling author of POINT BLANK

"Suspensely sexy...Ahhh, another favorite book that I just couldn't get enough of!! I absolutely adored Cassie and Mike's story, simply amazing. Cops are my ALL time favorite and this one might just hit my top 5 cop book ever!! I was on the edge the whole time wondering what would happen next."
   —Nikki W, 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon

"Amazing...I loved this one! It's a great romance with a great suspense element to it."
   —Bette Hansen, 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon

"Don't let the past cost you your future...I was hooked upon reading this blurb and it did not disappoint."
   —Elizabeth E Neal, 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Loved it...This is the first book that I have read by this author and I really like her style. It sure kept me on my toes from beginning to end. This story is very engaging. The plot is solid and the characters are very well developed. The twists and turns make for a real page turner. The romance is gradual but palpable. The sex is hot. The suspense is intense. The Nest feels like home and the ending is superb."
   —Brigitte, 5.0 out of 5 stars

"...Ms. O'Fallon has penned an incredibly captivating, fast-paced read because she's managed to do what I believe makes a really good romantic suspense."
   —Harlequin Junkie, Top Pick

"Wow! Talk about steamy. They are meant for each other. I love the suspense. Will they know it's her? Will they find her? Awesome work with keeping the reader on their toes. Loved it!!"
   —Kate A.

"It was amazing...Awesome Book!!!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!"
   —Sassipo, 5 stars

"You know when they say being able to write a book and do it well on a your debut is a talent? Well this author for me has smashed it because I couldn't put this down."
   —Fictional Men's Room For Book Ho's