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Not all heroes are human.

DEA Special Agent Adam “Deck” Decker and his Belgian Malinois, Thor, are the elite of the Denver K-9 Special Ops drug interdiction teams. When Denver is plagued by a rash of unprecedented and grisly overdoses, it’s Deck and Thor’s job to track down whoever is flooding the streets with a deadly cocktail of synthetic opioids.

ER doctor Tori Sampson works at ground zero for what the governor has declared a public health crisis—North Metro Hospital. The overdose body count is rising fast, and she’ll do anything to help stop it. Even partner with Deck. Years ago, the DEA revoked her father’s pharmacy license and destroyed her family’s livelihood. Working hand in hand with a handsome DEA agent who dogs her every move is a constant reminder of her family’s pain, humiliation, and financial suffering.

The good doctor is smart, sexy, and prickly. But Deck can’t ignore the chemistry sizzling between them. With Thor’s uncanny senses, Deck and Tori get closer to unmasking the distributor of this deadly drug. And find the danger is far closer than they ever imagined.


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